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Service Overview

At LHSRTA we strive to provide a level of excellence in service to our customers. Being a competitive drill consumable supplier we have learnt how to focus on our customer's needs and provide targeted service solutions to meet their individual requirements.

Our comprehensive customer-oriented service plans can deliver customers with the most cost-effective drilling solutions.


Drill Consumables Management


LHSRTA has extensive experience in managing drilling consumables, allowing us to provide a service to customers in helping them to achieve better drilling and consumable life outcomes.

LHS teams work and communicate closely with customer’s operational departments and with regular site visits and effective management procedures in place our professional sales and operation team will ensure products and services are delivered to our customers in a satisfactory manner.

Our experienced product technical team offers customers fast and ongoing support on product investigation and new product development.


Metallurgical Laboratory


A well-equipped metallurgical laboratory was established in LHSRTA Perth head office allowing us to rapidly investigate any product failure issues and support customers from a technical and scientific aspect. This is also a tool in our ongoing research and development commitment to ensure our products are designed and manufactured to meet Australia’s quality standard.


Drill Bit Resharpening


It has been widely established that  maintaining button profile (shape) once it has reached its wear limit can extend the service life of the drill bit.

LHSRTA provide drill bit sharpening services across all of our 6 branches in Australia and New Zealand. We have electric salt bath available for steel matrix removal and semi-automatic grinding machines to recover the buttons to either spherical or semi-ballistic profiles.

Please contact us to discuss your bit sharpening needs and an obligation free quote.

Fax: +61 8 9353 3299

Phone: +61 8 9353 3288

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